How To Know If Your Company Needs A New Logo

Is it time to give your brand a bit of a facelift?

So you’ve got yourself a great business going with a storefront, customers, a website, and even a logo that your nephew (who’s thinking about going to design school!) created for you. You don’t love it, but you have so many other things to think about that it will have to do for now, right?

Having a professional-looking logo is about much more than business card eye candy. It’s the foundation for people’s impression of your brand.

Put Yourself in Your Customers Shoes

People take their purchases (especially big ticket items) very seriously. They check out competitors, read online reviews, and ask friends. But the first thing they see when they interact with your brand (open your website, see your ad, read your brochure) is your logo. And we all know how important first impressions are.

So take another look at your logo, but do it through the eyes of a potential customer. Would you trust this company with your hard-earned money?

Look Professional

You work hard to make sure everything about your business is top notch, from the cleanliness of the reception desk to the exact color of your uniforms. But since your logo is often the first impression people have of your brand, a half-assed logo could be preventing people from seeing it. If your logo doesn’t look professional, why would a potential customer think that the work you do is?

Charge More For Your Services

We’ve all paid more for premium products or services, whether it’s the gourmet cheese at the grocery store or that fancy MacBook on your desk. We don’t do this because we know that one product costs 3 times more to make than its less expensive competitor (it doesn’t). We do it because the premium brands give us a higher sense of value and trust through their marketing than the cheaper products.

This all starts with the quality of your logo. Take a look at this before and after of ProAxis Restoration & Waterproofing that we recently redesigned the logo for:

Which company would you feel more comfortable opening up your checkbook for? Which do you think will do a better job, be more professional, or make your decision seem smarter? And perhaps most importantly, which company do you think can charge the most for their services?

In the end, your business is about much more than just the quality of your logo. If Nike shoes or Apple iPhones sucked, it wouldn’t matter that their logos are bad ass. But since your logo is often the first opportunity to establish your brand in the minds of potential customers, you owe it to yourself to ask if your business needs a new logo.

Just think how great it will look as your Facebook profile pic!

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